Kelly MacPherson and Ovation have been working to create an eBook on how to best transform your business with technology. Working together to help restaurant owners and operators think through the technology that will help bridge the gap between the “new normal” becoming just “the normal.” 

Introducing Table for 10 — a free essential restaurant technology eBook. The former CIO of Burger King, Popeye’s, and Tim Hortons has interviewed ten top tech companies to get their best tips to help your restaurant thrive in an era of uncertainty.   

We were one of them!

It covers topics of recruiting/hiring, labor/shift management, routine management, security/loss prevention, inventory/order management, 3rd-party consolidation, online ordering, marketing, guest feedback, and data analytics. 

We go over the main components of a restaurant and interview ten different experts. We asked them all these same four questions:

(1) What’s wrong with the “old normal”?,

(2) How are things going to change with the “new normal”?,

(3) What should I look for when evaluating a technology and partner?,

(4) What do you do? 

You don’t want to miss this; technology for employees, customers, in-store, online ordering, and business intelligence. No better time to start transforming your business than right now, check it out!

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