Real-time Guest Feedback for on AND off prem

Find out how your drive thru, third-party delivery, pickups, and in-store customers are feeling, fix anything in seconds, get more 5-star reviews, and have an easy-button for insight and retention. Ovation is Actionable Guest Feedback that ACTUALLY drives revenue.

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"Every once in a while you make a single decision that changes everything for the better. That is Ovation. We are able to connect personally with the customer and find real solutions. Our customer experience has improved across the board and revenue is up! Ovation is just the partner we need."

Amy L.

Dir of Marketing, Basecamp Franchise (200 location chain)

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Brands that love us

Guest Feedback and Reviews All in One Place

Gather customer data in one location regardless of how they interact with your brand, i.e. 3rd party delivery, online ordering, loyalty, on-premises, and off-premises. Effortlessly measure satisfaction 18x more effectively than current methods.

“I don’t know what the ‘new normal’ will be, but customer service is always king. Ovation is key in enabling us to improve and understand our customers.”

Paul Cryer – COO, Sweeto Burrito 

Easily and Instantly Resolve any Guest Concerns

Ovation’s customer chat platform enables your team to instantly engage with guests in the moment to resolve concerns and win them back. Delight your customers with immediate communication. 16x better at customer conversations than online reviews.

“Holy ****, it worked! In just one location we got 16 new 5-star Google reviews TODAY, all from Ovation. Plus 14 pieces of thoughtful feedback that we wouldn’t have gotten otherwise.”

Andrew L. – Biddy O’Malleys 

Discover Trends to Improve and Drive Retention with SMS 

Leverage our machine learning algorithms to understand what improvement can be made on- and off-premises. Gain intelligent insights about your individual customers so marketing can target them based on their behavioral characteristics.

“Because of Ovation’s seamlessly integrated process, we have tens of thousands of people in our database. People that we are now able to talk to, gain insights from, and market to.”

Scott Porter – Owner, San Diablo Churros

Ok…really though, Ovation is so good it is like my secret weapon–a real competitive advantage. I don’t really even want other restaurants to know about you!

A Real Customer

CEO, A Nationwide Restaurant Chain ...and yes, the quote is used with permission 😉

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