Tim Murphy shares his expertise in turning around businesses by balancing costs, raising revenue, and enhancing guest experiences in the hospitality industry.

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In this episode of Give an Ovation, Tim Murphy, CEO of Boomer Parks and Big Kahuna’s, shares his extensive experience in turning around businesses. From his days at Walt Disney World to managing financial turnarounds at various restaurant chains, Tim provides valuable insights into understanding financials, improving guest experiences, and leveraging team dynamics to drive success. Tune in to learn strategies for balancing costs, increasing revenue, and creating memorable guest experiences.

Here are some highlights:

1:35 – Cutting Costs To A Point

Tim: “You’ve got to understand one thing. Fundamentally, there’s always cost to be cut, but then there’s only so far you can go. Otherwise, you’ve got to raise the top line and get it moving in the right direction. So it’s a fine balancing act that you’ve got to do, looking at cost first and say, what can I really do here and do I know what the industry standards are?”

6:43 – What’s the most important aspect of guest experience?

Tim: “Guests aren’t just numbers; they are individuals seeking an experience. Cleanliness, staff engagement, and a welcoming atmosphere are key. At Disney, I learned the importance of treating guests well and ensuring they have a great time.”

19:31 – (Tim) Murphy’s Law

Tim: “The guest experience can never exceed the employee experience. If you take care of your team, they’ll take care of your guests. It’s crucial to understand and support both.”

For more, Tim is active on social media sites like LinkedIn and X, or visit boomersparks.com.

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