Find out how to stay grounded given the busy lifestyle of a restaurateur with Cofounder of Yummy’s Korean BBQ and Sushi

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Sun Choi is the Co-founder of Yummy’s Korean BBQ and Sushi, a family-run restaurant located in Orem, Utah. In this episode of Give An Ovation, Sun Choi offers valuable insight as to what inspired him to leave the IT security industry and open a restaurant alongside his family. This episode is extremely personable as we learn more about his culture, motivations, and priorities.

Here’s one of our highlights from this episode and Sun’s answers to some of our questions:

What is the most important aspect of the guest experience nowadays? (15:00)

“Communication and setting expectations. Especially with the labor shortage and long wait times, you always need to communicate with your guests

… we’re a family run business and we treat our guests like family, they need to feel comfortable. They are spending their hard earned money to come eat at our location so we want the to have a great experience.”

Who is someone in the industry that deserves an Ovation? (17:11)

Robert Irvine from Restaurant Impossible. The raw content and inclusion of family run businesses parallels Sun’s restaurant journey.

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