OREM, UT, October 1, 2021 — Ovation, the #1 restaurant guest feedback platform, has announced the release of Custom Questions, a new product as part of their customer experience suite.

Ovation has redefined the feedback space by using 2-question, SMS-based surveys which get straight to the heart of the customer by simply asking, “How was your experience?” Guests and restaurant owners love this Digital Table Touch™ because of its ease-of-use and the straightforward data that follows. With the addition of Custom Questions, restaurant owners will gain a more detailed level of dialogue with guests while maintaining the frictionless experience that Ovation is known for.

Custom Questions is a data-driven approach to asking follow-up questions. 24 hours after guests have eaten and interacted with management through the Digital Table Touch™, the Ovation system uses their original survey to identify which questions should be sent to them, based on hyper-targeting (e.g., location, survey score, or order source) now available to restaurants. The customer is sent a text asking if they will answer a couple more questions, and the restaurant can analyze responses using the Ovation dashboard. Because the questions are brief and will be based on the customer’s specific experience, Custom Questions receive upwards of 42% response rate, as opposed to traditional receipt-surveys which see a less than 0.5% completion rate.

According to Bill Crawford, Owner of Righteous Slice Pizza and one of the first Custom Questions users, “The first time we checked our custom question responses we were surprised to see so many replies from our most satisfied customers. We could clearly see themes from their comments that helped us know which products were missing from our menu and how we need to improve.”

Custom Questions’ unique data-driven approach will allow restaurant owners to ask the right question, to the right person, at the right time. Zack Oates, CEO of Ovation said, “It is odd that we are a three-year-old survey company that has just launched the ability to ask more than 2 questions–but it speaks to our commitment to focus on the guest and make sure it is as frictionless for them while keeping the needs of the operations at the forefront”.

To learn more, visit: www.ovationup.com/custom-questions.

About Ovation: Voted the #1 guest feedback platform in a nationwide RestaurantOwner.com survey, Ovation uses a 2-question SMS-based survey as a “digital table touch” that has redefined guest feedback. Through frictionless integrations with online ordering platforms and other tools, Ovation allows restaurants to easily resolve guest concerns in real-time, get more 5-star reviews, discover insights to improve, and drive revenue. To learn more, visit www.ovationup.com or email hello@ovationup.com.

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