Learn how Jeremy Carlson built Crispy Cones from the ground up, landed a deal on Shark Tank, and scaled his brand to 50 franchise units with a relentless focus on guest experience.

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In this exciting episode of “Give an Ovation,” Zack Oates sits down with Jeremy Carlson, founder and CEO of Crispy Cones, to talk about the rollercoaster journey from starting a business to appearing on Shark Tank and beyond. Jeremy shares the highs and lows of building his brand, the importance of guest experience, and the innovative strategies that have helped Crispy Cones thrive. Tune in to hear firsthand insights from an entrepreneur who went from the tank to the bank, landing a deal with Barbara Corcoran and expanding to 50 franchise units.

Here are some highlights:

What was it like building Crispy Cones from scratch? (1:12)

“It was a tough time… For five years we did not take a single paycheck. We basically just survived off of cheap food, eating at home, low rent… but we truly believed that if we kept feeding it, after three to five years we would be able to sustain our life and our family.”

What’s the most important aspect of the guest experience? (5:04)

Guest experience is huge. Our company mission statement is creating unforgettable experiences through freshly baked gourmet ice cream cones… When people come into Crispy Cones, they really see the brand, they see the product, they see their product getting made fresh.”

Any tactics or tools that you specifically have found to be successful in creating a great guest experience? (6:54)

“We have a standard operating procedure within all of our stores where they’re all on the same playlist of music… All the stores are on the same playlist, licensed playlist, all set at the same volume, like even to that detail. We have self-serve kiosks… and putting an order on a kiosk has been better. It’s actually increased sales and increased consumer satisfaction.”

Who’s someone who deserves an Ovation in the restaurant industry? (11:49)

“Pepper Lunch, Troy Hooper, and Paul Tran are phenomenal. They’re fun to watch.”

For more insights from Jeremy Carlson and to learn more about Crispy Cones, visit Crispy Cones or connect with the team on LinkedIn.

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