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Jennifer Kaminski is a seasoned marketing pro with over 20 years under her belt underscored by her trendsetting work in social media for over 15 years. As Founder and Managing Director of Social Thinking, Kaminski works with businesses to create and execute marketing and branding strategies utilizing Digital Marketing, Social Media, and PR.Here are a few highlights from this episode:

What is the most important aspect of the guest experience nowadays?

“How we’re making them feel. It’s applicable on so many levels, whether they had a good meal, mediocre meal, bad meal experience, whatever it’s going to be. I think that we’re we should always be focused on making them feel in a positive way. Every single person that that writes, comments, on our social media, DMs, emails, or review us, we respond to diligently. We take every single piece of feedback that we get very seriously. We all love when we have good news and praise that we can share, but sometimes those negative experiences we learn so much more from that kind of shapes up.

What successful strategies and tactics have you seen/tried?

“We try to surprise and delight. We’ll run like various campaigns where, ss a surprise for a certain amount of orders, we might give away extra dessert or cookies, or even a bouquet of flowers as a surprise. These are like little touches and details that can be done that are not incredibly expensive to do.”

Who deserves an Ovation?

Aisha “Pinky” Cole, Slutty Vegan

Someone I love who is doing amazing is Pinky Cole from Slutty Vegan. What a genius experience she’s creating for people, the way the copywriting on the menu and her approach and casualness of the marketing that she does. It feels like you’re communicating and interacting with a friend.

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