Learn how to grow your brand using internal and external strengths with the CEO of Mongolian Concepts and Craveworthy Brands.

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With over 24 years of experience in the food and beverage industry, Gregg Majewski has developed an expert eye for growth. To highlight his incredible experience within the space, Gregg has invested in restaurants and worked as former CFO, COO, and CEO of Jimmy John’s (where he grew stores from 33 to 300). Now, Gregg is the CEO of Mongolian concepts AND Craveworthy Brands. Tune in to hear how Gregg has grown brands internally and externally.

Here are a few highlights from this episode:

What is the most important aspect of the guest experience?

Cultivating the core of the restaurant industry in a new day and age.

I think technology is a wonderful thing in the industry, it’s needed. What people are starting to forget is that the restaurant industry is about: hospitality. Hospitality means taking care of your guests the way they want to be taken care of.

. . . They still want to be greeted, they still want to have that personal connection, and they want it on their time. We have to provide a level of hospitality that they still want in today’s world, with some of the cool features of the New Age.

What are some successful tactics you’ve seen or tried lately?

“Taking care of the guest. The biggest thing that I say all the time is that when I guest walks in, you want to greet them authentically. When they leave, you want to make sure they know that you’re really thankful that they picked you.

Who deserves an Ovation in the industry?

Big Chicken

Wow Bao

“You need to follow people that are constantly making the restaurant industry a focal point. Follow the people that actually understand and care about the industry and what they do every day, and those are the people that are going to help you build. Follow the people that actually care about their teams.”

For more, check out Gregg’s LinkedIn the Mongolian Concepts LinkedIn and Craveworthy Brands website!

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