Learn how to balance work and wellbeing with the Co-Founder and Co-Owner of Farmers Restaurant Group.

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Strap in as we journey through an insightful conversation with Dan Simons, Founder and Co-owner of Farmers Restaurant Group. As a leader in the business world, he underlines the importance of striking a balance – pushing employees to achieve their goals while also ensuring their mental well-being is prioritized.

How do you balance work and wellbeing?

“While those are two different topics, mental health isn’t a lable, it’s just the human operating system. Telling people, ‘hey, stop complaining, you know there’s hard work to be done’ . . . I just think they’re missing the whole point of don’t you want to optimize the humans? . . .

. . . This is about, do you have the tools and the resources and the support

As a restaurateur, how do I initiate mental health conversations with my team?

“I laid out a pretty detailed what I call, you know, a playbook for mental health in the workplace, so there’s a whole bunch of tactics and steps to it. The first one, though, and I think the simplest answer to your question as a leader, start to tell your own story.

How does improving employee experience improve guest experience?

“Let’s take care of our people so they feel loved, supported, trained, and held accountable. Create a workplace so they can care for the guests when they come through the front doors. For me it’s that simple, and it starts and ends with that.

For more, check out the Farmers Restaurant Group website and Dan Simons personal website!

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