Learn how to balance the books and gather actionable insights with the Principal and Founder of The Largo Group.

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With over 15+ years experience as a CPA, Anne Gannon is now the Principal and Founder of the Largo Group. The Largo Group provides clients with a clear understanding of the dynamics of their business to achieve lasting growth and success based on an innovative accounting model. Anne strives to look beyond balancing books and deliver actionable insight s to restaurant owners.

Here are a few highlights from this episode:

Share with us your philosophy on the guest experience.

“It springs from this love and respect for entrepreneurship. My dad was an entrepreneur and when I was in middle school, his business failed . . .

. . . I had always cared about the entrepreneur, but when Covid hit something changed in me. I mean i’d always been caring and I’d always loved my clients. It was fun to learn about them . . .

. . . But I remember sitting there and just thinking I am not going to let these people fail, because I know what failure looks like. So for my clients and my guest experience, I want to provide the best experience because this isn’t just a financial decision, this is their life.”

What are some common mistakes that you see restaurants making with taxes?

Stopping after you balance your books.

Your accountant is not gonna care what’s on your P&L. The accounting world is built on the balance sheet and they just want to make sure that your balance sheet matches and they don’t care how it’s categorized.

. . .but that’s where it goes back to the expectation as a business owner. If you want better information, it really comes down to you building the foundation and taking ownership of your numbers”

Who deserves an Ovation in the industry?

“I would say the independent business owner is the winner in. I think the leaders in the industry are great and I love listening to the top CEOs

. . . but it’s the list guy the single unit restaurant owner that knows the hustle and how to make it work out.”

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