Andrew Smith of the Savory Fund shares how decisive action and a strong team have driven their success in the restaurant industry, even through turbulent times.

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In this special episode of Give an Ovation, host Zack Oates chats with Andrew Smith, Managing Director and Co-Founder of the Savory Fund. Andrew shares invaluable insights into building a successful team, the importance of decisive action, and the current state of the restaurant industry. Tune in to learn how Andrew and his team have navigated turbulent times and emerged stronger than ever. From personal anecdotes to professional strategies, this episode is packed with wisdom and practical advice for anyone in the restaurant business.

Here are some highlights:

Building A Strong Team (3:12)

Andrew emphasizes the importance of surrounding yourself with experts.“You need to surround yourself with people that are experts in their disciplines. I’m really good at something, but I’m not an expert at everything.”

Decisive Action Is A Superpower (5:54)

“Decision-making is a superpower. You have to decide things quickly and keep momentum at all times.” This approach was particularly vital during the early days of COVID-19, where the Savory Fund’s ability to pivot rapidly kept their brands afloat and thriving.

Slow Down and Perfect Your Business (12:33)

Andrew advises restaurateurs to take their time and perfect their current operations before expanding. “Slow down, perfect what you have. Make sure that they’re all profitable, make sure that you’re running a great organization, and then add another one.”

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