Find out how how modern training is broken and how to fix it from the CEO of 1huddle.

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Sam Caucci is the CEO and Founder of 1Huddle, a training platform that aims to improve staff performance and better prepare employees. 1Huddle has changed the training game by engaging employees with quick paced games that are customizable to the company’s brand and can be played in under five minutes.

Sam has brought 1huddle to the restaurant industry with great success and we were pleased to have him back for his 2nd episode of Give an Ovation!

Here are a few highlights from this episode:

People like “skill development” more than “training.”

“Education and skill development is an employee benefit – if you position it to be that way. Call it ‘training’ and everybody hates it. But call it something that is upscaling you from back of house, to front of house, to bartender, to GM, to franchisee someday – that’s what companies can do, especially restaurant brands. And that’s what workers want.” – Sam Caucci

Why staff quit:

“Employee burnout stems from a lack of connection to purpose.” – Sam Caucci

Too much of training time is spent on avoiding mistakes and not developing staff.

“80% of US training dollars today across private enterprises go towards cover-your-you-know-what-training…And I’m not saying that that’s not important, but there needs to be a change if the only thing we’re doing is making sure we don’t get sued.” – Sam Caucci

So many other great gems from this podcast episode – give it a listen!

For more check out the 1huddle website!

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