OREM, UT, August 2, 2022 — Ovation, voted the #1 restaurant guest feedback platform, has announced the release of Insights, a new feature that represents the next generation of feedback.

Insights is a new reporting tool that enables restaurant operators to make sense of the massive amounts of feedback that they receive both online and through private Ovation conversations. At a glance, restaurateurs can see a summary of their specific strengths and weaknesses across all locations. They can then dive deeper to see specific reviews, day part trends, and location-specific data, giving them actionable takeaways in seconds.

Derek Morgan, Head of Product at Ovation, emphasized how operational issues are solved with Insights when he said, “Through feedback classification techniques, we can identify the main drivers that are contributing to a brand’s customer satisfaction broken down by shift, store, region, etc – giving them the ability to fix problems at the root and identify trends before they become issues.”

What sets Insights apart in the feedback space is the ratio of survey length to data granularity. Insights provides detailed data in over 30 categories and subcategories ranging from order accuracy to the temperature of food, all stemming from Ovation’s 2-question survey that starts by simply asking, “How was your experience?” It’s all the answers—without all the questions.

Insights gives restaurants an accurate view of how the average guest really feels about their experience. As Zack Oates, CEO of Ovation, said, “Historically, restaurants have relied on online reviews, which data shows is an inaccurate portrayal of specific issues, or long annoying surveys. Using public and Ovation data, now restaurants have the visibility to know exactly what is going on across all their locations. It takes the guesswork and guest work out of the process of finding out where the specific issues are to be addressed immediately.”

First users have seen the impact of Insights. Adam Elpayaa, Owner of Pizza Payaa, said, “The new Insights feature makes our data more valuable and actionable. We can pinpoint operational issues and address them without any guess work. Highly recommend it!”

To learn more about Insights, visit https://ovationup.com/insights/.

Ovation will also be holding a free webinar all about Insights on August 11, 2022 at 2:00 PM EST. Register at: