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Miguel Ortiz is the VP, Marketing Leading Product Management and Marketing at Transact Technologies and the creator of BOHA (Back Of House Automation), a tool that automates time-consuming tasks for restaurants.

Miguel brought great insights to this episode that touched on automation, data, the state of the restaurant industry and more that you can’t miss. Here’s a quick rundown of his points:

1. Use Tools For Employees And Task Management

BOHA makes temperature probing, employee timing, grab and go labeling, and many other tasks easier through automation. This allows restaurants to spend their time elsewhere.

2. Find Out What’s Going On

Another benefit of automation is aggregated data. When the temperatures of cooked-chicken are recorded into the system instead of paper, it gives operators real time insights as to what’s happening in their restaurants.

3. Processes Breed Loyalty

A great customer experience is created by people who really care about the customer, like an owner does. But when the owner can’t be there, tech-enabled processes are the way to consistently produce that care.

4. Think About The Big Picture

Miguel recommends finding only a few multipurpose pieces of software to avoid tech-overload at your restaurant.

“You want to make sure whenever you bring in technology, that you think about you know,  the big picture”, said Miguel. “So you want a broad set solution that will help you do various things.”

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