Find out how to keep more customers and employees around by making your restaurant as clean and safe as possible through new technologies.

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Lindsey Blackburn is a Solution Specialist at DriveMind Group, which provides businesses with organizational safety solutions including health safety products and services to battle the continued spread of germs, virus, and pathogens. DriveMind’s award-winning technology actively cleans air and surfaces, making restaurants a more “healthful” place to be.

Here’s a few of our takeaways/notes from Lindsey’s episode, but make sure to listen to the entire thing for all the juicy insights!

1) Try DriveMind’s “Enhanced Hydrogen Peroxide Plasma Technology”

Perhaps the coolest phrase ever uttered on Give an Ovation, Lindsey explained that people are missing the mark when buying passive air filters to keep their air clean from COVID-19 and other pathogens. The COVID particles are smaller than what air filters can capture. A better solution is a device that actively emits something into the air, while staying safe for ingestion, of course.

“When you’re running this product, it will be killing things that you want it to be killing. In addition to viruses, it kills mold, fungus, mildew, bacteria… There are huge benefits for overall wellness – we see significant drops in employees who are out sick during flu season.”

2) Make Your Efforts Obvious

As a guest, “If I don’t see it, I assume it’s not happening”, Lindsey said. She explained that restaurants may go to all of this trouble to clean their locations, and then do a poor job communicating that to customers. But customer perceptions of cleanliness are just as important to actual cleanliness when it comes to getting their business.

3) Who is someone in the industry that deserves an Ovation?

“Any entity that is thinking about, what can we be doing to help the people and the planet? What are some easy changes we can put into place that are going to be effective at what we’re trying to do?…How are we going to help with sustainability, reducing our own costs, all those kinds of things. Any business that is looking towards that or has started to implement deserves an Ovation. It is the future.”

For more from Lindsey, find her or DriveMind Group on LinkedIn, or visit

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