Learn how to inspire unity and inclusion in your professional environment with CEO and Founder of Full Course.

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Lauren Fernandez understands what it means to hustle. Whether it’s paving the way as a first generation Cuban American, starting her own business, or helping restaurant brands grow from 1 to 2 units, to 10, and then to 20 and beyond. Lauren is the Founder and CEO of Full Course. Full Course partners with restaurants to optimize existing operations, develop sustainable growth strategies, and bring the right investor partners to the table. What drives her to invest and grow? The people.

Here are a few highlights from this episode:

Featured takeaway: Investing in people

“We’re here because we love people. My chief people, Officer Lisa Bowen says all the time food is our product. It’s about how you treat your people, how you support their team, how you support business owners. What do you do to invest in them as humans and develop them personally and professionally.”

What is your strategy for success?

My parents were very clear to me that I was born and blessed with a lot of talent, opportunities, and privilege. My parents worked hard to give that to us children but they always said to us, growing up, ‘we have no expectations for you. Get to do what you want with your life. Just use your abilities and service to others’ . . .

I cannot tell you how formative that is to me as a human being, and that is definitely my true North. It informs a lot of what we do at Full Course.”

Who deserves an Ovation in the restaurant industry?

CORE, Children of Restaurant Employees

I really try to support organizations that can come in and bridge that gap where there’s problems and organizations that see that there’s enormous amounts of room for growth.”

Listen to the whole episode to find out why!

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