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Are ghost kitchens for everyone? Find out from the host of the National Restaurant Owners podcast.

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Kyle Inserra is a restaurant growth strategist, thought leader, and current advisor with Sabre Real Estate Advisors. He started his career in the corporate finance and advertising industry, but changed careers and found his passion in the restaurant business (like many do!) After attending the French Culinary Institute and cooking around the world, he opened his own restaurant in 2007 and is now the host of the National Restaurant Owners podcast.

Kyle brought his smooth podcasting skills and valuable info to this episode of Give an Ovation. Here are a few tidbits:

1) Follow Your Bliss and Go For It

Despite concerned parents, when the corporate world wasn’t giving him what he wanted Kyle made a complete 180 and pursued the food industry. A major decision – but one that Kyle has never regretted.


2) Focus On Fundamentals

Trendy restaurant ideas like ghost kitchens and drive-thrus sound sexy, but Kyle pointed out that they aren’t for everyone. For example, people underestimate the work that goes into a virtual concept. It’s a real online business that requires e-commerce resources and capabilities to do successfully.

Instead, Kyle recommends focusing on the fundamentals of restaurant ownership and the lessons learned in recent years.

3) Build the Online Marketing of Your Restaurant

With all of the virtual concepts popping up, Kyle noted that the ones who stand out will be those who can market the best. He emphasized getting your business in front of people’s eyes and on their screens. No matter how good your food is, no one can eat what they don’t know about.


4) Take Extra Steps with Delivery – Deliver Your Brand

In this off-premise environment, packaging goes a long way towards differentiation. What are the little, unexpected things you can do to get people to say, ‘wow, that’s cool’?

At Kyle’s last restaurant they were including QR codes linking to their in-location Spotify playlist to bring some of the guest experience to people’s homes. People loved it!

5) Stay Strong, Get Funded, Be Opportunistic

There are plenty of opportunities and deals in real estate and elsewhere to take advantage of. Kyle anticipates a boom in the industry and foresees it being “tremendously successful” going forward.

For more from Kyle, you can find him @kyleinserra on Instagram or reach out at 914-996-4569.

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