Learn how to improve guest experience and employee retention with the CEO of River Health.

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Arguably the biggest factor to bring about a positive guest experience is the state of your employees. Bobby Amoah, CEO of River Health ensures a system where you can provide quality primary care and mental health services. While taking a step outside of the restaurant industry, this episode has everything to do with the health of your workforce.

Here are a few highlights from this episode:

What is the most important aspect of the guest experience?

Employee happiness.

“It’s not about how fancy the restaurant is. If you go to a fancy restaurant and your server is moody, then it’s just not a great experience. I enjoy the restaurant if the person bringing my food is happy to be there because I know they are all compensated

. . . Nowadays, guests want to go to a place where they feel like the company treats the employees well. Healthcare is good. It’s a great thing to do, but it also improves employee happiness, and we improve retention, and that has a direct impact on your bottom line.”

Who deserved an Ovation?

“There are a lot of healthcare systems and organizations that are doing a really good job to offer transparent health care services to the employees and to the public, and one example will be CDS.”

For more, check out River Health’s website!

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