Learn more about the secret sauce behind the success of Dave’s Hot chicken.

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Joining us today is Jim Bitticks, President and COO of Dave’s Hot Chicken! Have you ever wondered how Dave’s became the phenomenon that it is?

On this episode, we explore the brand’s formula for success, starting with their rise from a humble pop-up to a thriving franchise. Jim shares how a single review ignited their growth, highlighting the importance of a standout product. He discusses strategic celebrity endorsements, like Drake’s, which boosted the brand’s visibility, and much more.

Also tune in for some great insights on getting the most out of store openings.

Here are some highlights:

A single review can make all the difference (4:56)

On the third day in business, they got strategically lucky, insanely strategically lucky, when a Eater LA food blogger showed up at the parking lot, tried the food and posted the next day. And when they got to the parking lot that evening at like five o’clock they had like a line of 100 people waiting to try the food. He posted a blog article that said late night hot chicken stand might blow your mind. East Hollywood late night hot chicken stand might blow your mind.”

Instagram is powerful (11:16)

Instagram drives a lot of it, a lot of the interest and a lot of the traffic at the beginning, which is so weird.

We opened the first location, and I got to Dallas. I checked into my hotel and I had it was still. We were still wearing masks, and I had my Dave’s Hot Chicken mask on and the girl who’s checking me in said Dave’s Hot Chicken.

She’s like ‘oh, I love Dave’s Hot Chicken.’

I was like ‘really, where have you tried it?’

Because obviously this is the first one in the state at that point.

And she goes ‘I’ve never tried it…I follow you guys on Instagram.”

Who’s someone who deserves an Ovation in the restaurant industry? (19:29)

“It may sound like I’m kissing butt, but I’m not. Bill Phelps…. He’s humble, calm, and very polite…he’s got this generous spirit.”

If you haven’t already, check out Dave’s Hot Chicken!

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