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Our episode today is a heartfelt conversation with the powerhouse behind Giving Kitchen, where we uncover the incredible journey that led Jen from personal tragedy to the founding of an organization that’s the embodiment of hope for food service workers facing crisis. Through Giving Kitchen, Jen and her team have turned the tables on misfortune, offering over $11 million in aid to more than 17,000 individuals who keep our favorite eateries running.

This episode is a celebration of the strength that comes when we support those who serve us, and a reminder of the profound impact that stems from a single act of kindness.

Here are some highlights:

The Impact of Giving Kitchen

Giving Kitchen’s impact is substantial, having provided over $11 million in aid to more than 17,000 individuals who form the backbone of our beloved eateries. The organization partners with restaurants nationwide, encouraging a support system that’s as sustaining as the food they serve. These partnerships are crucial, offering a mutual benefit for both the workers and the establishments by fostering a positive workplace culture that attracts and retains dedicated staff.

How do you balance caring about employees while also getting the most out of them?

Jen’s insights on leadership are particularly compelling. She emphasizes the balance required between maintaining a strong work ethic and fostering a nurturing environment. It’s about creating workplaces where trust and safety aren’t just add-ons but the main course. The importance of leadership in establishing such environments cannot be overstated, as it directly correlates to a more committed and healthier staff.

Who in the restaurant industry deserves an Ovation?

“My first answer will first and foremost be the food service workers. They are showing up, they are constantly asked to check their feelings at the door. They are first line front row there when we celebrate, when we mourn. The food service workers are absolutely number one in my book.”

To help, visit givingkitchen.org!

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