Learn how to foster diversity, inclusion, and belonging in your restaurant with the President and CEO of JP Enterprises.

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Experience a revealing conversation as we delve into the intricate world of diversity, inclusion, and belonging (DIB) in the restaurant industry with Dr. James Pogue. You’ll gain a new appreciation for the importance of DIB and its role in enhancing productivity, igniting innovation, and strengthening collaboration.

You mentioned the acronyms DEI and DIBs, what is the difference between equity and belonging?

Equity is a bit challenging for people to sometimes gather. We need very simple definitions for very complex concepts. In order for me to get you invested in the conversation, I have to give you something you can easily digest . . .

. . . It’s not that equity isn’t important, it’s that sometimes these things can be a bit more complex to get into the conversation. I need to reach you first, and then the rest of this helps the medicine go down.

In a homogenous environment, how to you promote DIBs?

“The first thing we have to do is remember that diversity has always been more than what we can see . . .

. . . we need to understand the person next to you, although they may look like me, has had a different experience life, and that’s OK, and then expect them to bring that difference to the decision-making table . . .

. . . How do we use that to inform how we care for our clients or our guests in our restaurants?

How do you balance understanding but not defining someone by their experience?

“What you just described is the heavy yoke of leadership, always searching for the balance . . .

. . . There’s a phrase by Tolkien that says, ‘what punishments of God are not gifts?’ Its using. framework to struggle forward. How do you use the loss of dad or the loss of your favorite pet to make you a better hospitality professional? I can see things differently, I can smell things differently, the air is sweeter. Each moment means more to me. Another person’s answer might be something different, but I expect you to figure out and I’m going to help you use that loss to make you a better professional.”

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