Learn how to find strategic strengths and reinforce weaknesses with the CEO of Results Thru Strategy.

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This weeks episode of Give An Ovation welcomes Fred LeFranc, the CEO of Results Thru Strategy, a consulting company that specializes in restaurant and hospitality brands. With his strategic eye and forward thinking tactics, Fred knows how to leverage your company’s strengths and strengthen weaknesses.

Here are a few highlights from this episode:

How do you define the guest experience?

“What I call an experience is an activity fused with emotion. An activity fused with the motion is an experience, and that’s what creates memories. If restaurants want to create a memorable experience, then they need to focus on the emotional outcome that the guest has.

How has the guest experience changed in recent years?

“The digitization of this industry that occurred mostly through Covid really transformed the industry. It has made it much more accelerated and much more impactful and some worry that it’s slightly less personal. And so the guest experience has changed dramatically. Yet the heart of what a restaurant is meant to be is walking out of a restaurant feeling nourished, respected, dignified and valued. It’s those feelings that gives brand affinity and loyalty. I want to come back and be treated well and that aspect will never change. How we deliberate will change but what we need to deliver doesn’t change.”

Who deserves an ovation in the industry?

Chad Houser, Cafe Momentum

“He employs disenfranchised youth who have gone through juvenile detention. Where no one else would hire them, Chad has given them dignity, respect, and the job.”

Rob Wilder, Jose Andres Group

“They are known for feeding people all over the world when there are crises.”

Scott Lawton, Bartaco

“He’s a good example of how technology can help restaurants. For instance, he’s done more volume with 30% less staff as a result of his use of technology.”

For more, check out the Results Thru Strategy website!

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