Learn how to enhance the guest experience by using feedback with the COO of PDQ.

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Unlock the secrets behind the fast-food revolution with Eric Knott, COO of PDQ, as we discuss the art of enhancing the guest experience in the bustling restaurant industry. Learn how PDQ’s dedication to quality goes beyond mouthwatering meals, delving into the heart of their team dynamics and community engagement. As we examine the ripple effects of business practices on both community and industry, you’ll grasp how PDQ is setting a new standard for fostering lasting relationships and exceptional service.

What is the most important aspect of the guest experience nowadays?

“When you look at the total guest experience today versus five/ten years ago, you could get by with either really good food or really good service. Now, because of inflation and what the restaurant space has had to do from a pricing aspect, you really have to look at the total experience. Not that it wasn’t important back then, but now it’s so important. You have to hit not only on the quality of the food and the speed and the accuracy, but then the the personal side in the hospitality.

What are some tactics you use to improve the guest experience?

Response time.

“We have a 24-hour rule. You leave a comment, you leave a message, anything that comes in within 24 hours, you’re getting contacted back by somebody on our team and most likely it will be the operator of that local store. That way, next time we invite you in, you can say hello to them. My quick answer would be response time. You have to be able to get to that guest and make them feel important very quickly.

Who in the restaurant industry deserves an ovation?

Dave’s Hot Chicken

“Not only are they growing very quickly, but as far as just wanting to get that guest information getting back to them, they do a great job.”

Avocadria, New York City

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