Learn how to redefine marketing for your business with restaurant coach Chip Klose.

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Are you ready to revolutionize the way you perceive restaurant marketing? Join us as we turn the tables with the brilliant author and consultant, Chip Klose. We pick his brain about his game-changing book, ‘Restaurant Marketing Mindset.’ This is not just another marketing guide; it’s a deep dive into the psychology of your potential customers.

What is the most important aspect of guest experience nowadays?

” It’s all about guest feedback. It’s all about making sure we take the temperature of the water to make sure that they really did leave, wow, that they’re excited enough to talk about it. They’re excited enough to share pictures, to text people, to talk about it the next day at work and to hopefully come back later and to leave us reviews and all of that. That hasn’t changed. Word of mouth is still the most powerful tool we have. We just have to find new ways of sparking it. We have to make sure that we’re making it easy, effortless, frictionless to be able to do it, and that we’re inspiring people to do it.

What prompted you to write the Restaurant Marketing Mindset?

“Restaurateurs fundamentally misunderstand what marketing is. They fundamentally misunderstand that the point is to identify a market, to figure out who needs something, to figure out who might want what we are prepared to serve them with, which goes to the heart of what we do in the restaurant industry. And yet all these clients, all these restaurants, over and over and over again, we’re sort of missing that step and going right to like the stuff that everyone else told them they’re supposed to do, rather than thinking for themselves and going like huh, how do we really market meaning? How do we find people to serve? How do we find people to sell things to?

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