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Rocquisha Whyte, Director of Corporate Affairs, Domino’s Pizza

“With Ovation, we get direct contact with that customer and I love it! I love it. And I think the customers are actually happier knowing that there’s somebody that can respond right away.”

Dominos Case Study
Yellow and Black Sticky's Finger Joint Logo

Jamie Greer, VP of Operations

“With Ovation, you can get so many different types of feedback. You get to hear how the customer feels more naturally. Our managers love it.”

Sticky’s Case Study

Bill Crawford, Owner

“I totally love the results that I get with Ovation! Our restaurant gained more than 800 new reviews, and we were able to earn 4.7 stars on Google. This has helped us gain business because without any effort on our part we get better search engine results.”

Righteous Slice Case Study

Paul Cryer, Ntnl. Director of Franchise Ops & Procurement

“Our text marketing campaign through Ovation allows us to talk directly, nimbly and cost effectively to our customers on a platform they prefer to engage and more importantly transact on.”

Sweeto Burrito Case Study

Seek Hannemann, Service Director

“OVATION kills it. Good, patient, understanding team that truly cares about the success of your business!”

Seven Brothers Case Study


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