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Saved Guests
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PDQ Chicken, a renowned fast-casual chicken restaurant, faced challenges in managing guest feedback for its 50+ locations, especially from off-premise channels. With 80% of its business being takeout, delivery, or drive-through, capturing and responding to guest feedback was increasingly difficult.

“I would tell someone on the fence with Ovation that they’re missing out… If I was going to take over a new restaurant brand that had zero technology, Ovation would be the first call.”

Eric Knott, COO, PDQ Chicken

Frictionless surveys led to more omni-channel feedback

2-question, SMS-based surveys made it easy for guests to provide feedback through various channels such as dine-in, drive-through, delivery, and takeout, PDQ Chicken has gained a comprehensive understanding of their guests’ experiences.

“What we’re seeing is that the guest feels more comfortable, for the most part, utilizing the text feature. We’re also seeing that it’s very quick and easy for my operators to get back to them.” – Eric Knott

Operational data helped PDQ improve

Eric and his team have been using the store-level and brand-level data to find specific and systemic issues.

“It makes it very easy to see exactly where you need to spend time, utilizing the Insights and the Dashboard tools.” – Eric Knott

1-to-1 communication saved guests and time

Using the Ovation Winback tool and AI-suggested responses, Eric and the PDQ team were able to thank happy guests and resolve issues with unhappy guests privately and efficiently.

“90% of the time when we respond to them, they’re blown away. Not only that somebody actually responded to them, but how fast we got back to them.” – Eric Knott

An example of a real-time conversation between a manager and guest using Ovation.

Call-to-Text got staff off the phone

PDQ implemented Call-to-Text, a customizable phone tree that immediately texts callers with requested info, while collecting feedback and seamlessly integrating with Ovation.

The call to text feature has been fantastic.. We went from about ten phone calls a day to about two a day that my operators have to answer.” – Eric Knott

“My main two goals as COO are to enhance the lives of either the team that works at PDQ or enhance the life of the guest that comes and visits PDQ. Ovation helps me with both of those.”

Eric Knott, COO, PDQ Chicken

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