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Find out how their switch from long surveys made the lives of employees and guests better.

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The problem

“Getting in touch with the guest was really hard.” Akash Kapoor, CEO of Curry Up Now, a 20+ location Indian street food brand, wasn’t satisfied with his feedback solution. He wanted to connect with guests, but found that emails and long surveys weren’t getting the job done.

“Emailing in the restaurant business sucks. I can’t wait for emails to go extinct.” Akash had learned that it’s essential for restaurant tech to be easy to use if it’s going to get used. Unfortunately, he found that communicating with guests about feedback over email was too clunky for them – and his employees didn’t like it either.

So Akash decided to test Ovation alongside his current solution, looking for a few things: which platform gave him more feedback, which was easier to use, which was easier to implement, and which let him better connect with the guest. Keep reading to see what he found!

“Everyone should give Ovation a shot. There’s no reason not to. I don’t know why I didn’t do it earlier.”

Akash Kapoor, CEO, Curry Up Now

The solution

Akash tested short, 2-question surveys, instead of long surveys. These were simple and direct, starting with “How was your experience?” It was like a Table Touch™, but a Digital Table Touch™.

He used branded table stickers with QR codes, and integrations with Olo and Thanx to let guests seamlessly enter his feedback flow. Akash could also now hear from 3rd party guests, and encourage them to order through him next time.

After taking the survey, happy guests were asked to leave 5-star public reviews, and unhappy guests’ concerns were resolved privately.

Akash then periodically analyzed all of his reviews and feedback through the Ovation platform to make operational improvements.

The results

Finally, Akash felt like he could actually get ahold of his guests – no matter where they were. Using text and the Ovation app, his employees were able to resolve concerns in real-time, leading to hundreds of saved guests (upset guests who returned after a negative experience). This was facilitated by Ovation being easy to use, and quick to implement – “It’s so much easier.”

Curry Up Now also saw a jump in their online review scores, despite good scores already (4+)!

Given these results, Akash left long surveys behind and has been truly connecting with guests ever since.

“Ovation is a no-brainer.” – Akash Kapoor, CEO, Curry Up Now

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