Find out how to use tech to solve issues and fortify strengths with the GM of Restaurants at Square.

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Bryan Solar, GM of Restaurants at Square, is a pro at using tech to help restaurant owners, staff, and customers to bridge gaps. Square builds common business tools in unconventional ways so more people can start, run, and grow their businesses. Tune in to learn how you can optimize tech within your business!

Here are a few highlights from this episode:

Featured takeaway: Potential for tech

The restaurant job is rewarding in its own way. But it’s also really, really hard and it’s demanding. The real question is, where does technology step in to be helpful?”

What is the most important aspect of the guest experience nowadays? (14:46)

“Consistency, especially given all the changes with the pandemic and in the industry, consistency is probably one of the most important thing consistency in the food quality and consistency of the speed of service.”

What successful things have you seen or tried lately?

“One thing that I found really interesting is what folks are doing in the in house delivery space. Companies like Bromo and Cartwheel that are effectively bringing back the ability for them to do delivery.”

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