Learn how to sensationalize and grow an iconic brand with the Co-Founder/CBO and CEO of Dave’s Hot Chicken.

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Get ready because this week’s episode dives into the booming industry of fast casual fried-chicken as we chat with Dave’s Hot Chicken’s powerhouse duo: Co-Founder/CBO Arman Oganesyan and CEO Bill Phelps. Arman’s marketing ingenuity and Bill’s strategic eye have catapulted Dave’s Hot Chicken from a local curiosity to a national sensation.

What kicked off the vitality and excitement of Dave’s Hot Chicken?

Arman credits social media to be a major factor in their metric rise . . .

“We started Dave’s Hot Chicken’s Instagram very early. That was our only form of marketing. Our main form of marketing today is our social media, and we would tag a famous food blogger and and he finally noticed us.– Arman Oganesyan

What is the key to Dave’s Hot Chicken’s brand identity?

If you look at the restaurant today, we have been true to what was originally created. That restaurant that we build today looks very much like what they built in East Hollywood, and the menu board is virtually identical. We have not added hardly anything to the menu board and again, because the genius of keeping it simple” – Bill Phelps

What do you credit to be the appeal of Dave’s Hot Chicken?

I went down and tried it and the first bite it was instant, it was awesome, it was cool, it was fabulous in every way and I was sold from the minute I first tasted it and we made a deal with the guys. – Bill Phelps on what convinced him to invest

For more, check out the Dave’s Hot Chicken website and locations all over!

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