Learn how to cultivate your entrepreneurial spirit and develop a franchise with the CEO of Dirty Dough.

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Bennett Maxwell is the CEO of Dirty Dough, home to super-stuffed cookie bombs! Dirty Dough is bringing one-of-a-kind cookies to the masses, and helping entrepreneurs find passion and success! With a background in sales, Maxwell brings his charismatic spirit to the Give An Ovation Podcast!

Here’s one of our highlights from this episode and Bennett’s answers to some of our questions:

Featured takeaway: Take that leap to reach your potential

“I was already planning to invest in a franchise and I thought, this is a decent cookie and a decent brand with good sales. I saw room for improvement. I knew I could take this and put more capital behind it and really expand the idea and the goal was going to be making it the most simple food franchise in existence while lowering the barrier of entry for entrepreneurship.”

What is the most important aspect of the guest experience nowadays? (18:54)

Consistency and reliability with a good product.

Something successful you’ve seen or tried lately? (21:07)

Reducing labor.

“Reducing labor makes it dummy-proof and that’s how our cookies are made; we’re making it as simple as possible.”

Who deserves an Ovation in the restaurant industry?(22:08)

The Savory Fund and their managing director, Andrew Smith.

“He’s a great mentor and a fun partner, we love working with them.”

To learn more about franchise opportunities and Bennett’s journey, go to his website! And check out Dirty Dough!

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