Find out how how to transform your company digitally with the SVP of Marketing and Digital Officer at El Pollo Loco.

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Andy Rebhun is an accomplished Global Marketing Executive, who deliver first-to-market products and profitable growth for billion-dollar brands across Fortune 50 companies. Andy Rebhun currently works his magic as the senior vice president of marketing and digital office of El Pollo Loco. Rebhun has a sharp eye for digital transformation and customer service; tune in to learn how he uses this expertise to take El Pollo Loco to the next level!

Here’s one of our highlights from this episode and Andy’s answers to some of our questions:

Featured Takeaway: A seamless customer journey

“We need to make sure that we continue to provide a digital journey and a restaurant experience that encourages our customers come back to the brand. And I would say that the biggest thing is just making sure every customer has a great experience. I know that might seem a little bit unrealistic, but everything from making sure that we have the systems in place to recreate the experience, we want to have every time to making sure the menu is executable to making sure the promotions stand out.

What’s the most important aspect of the guest experience nowadays? (16:31)

I think probably one of the biggest pieces I see is just being able to solve the resolution quickly. I think there’s so many times where restaurants and brands in general get experiences, right.

We’re in a situation right now, in a pandemic, where I believe that customers have a lot less patience to give brands a second chance.

What’s something successful you’ve seen restaurants try lately? (18:41)

Andy credited getting ahead of the digital gift card boom as a contributor to El Pollo Loco’s success.

Who is someone in the industry that deserves an Ovation? (19:58)

“In terms of the digital experience or digital customer service, Sweetgreen and Chipotle do a phenomenal job. But if I were to say just customer service in general, I’m going to extend it just a teeny, teeny bit, if you’ll allow me to, I really think Whole Foods, in my opinion is one of the most impressive when you think about how they’ve pivoted their business growing their delivery channels during the pandemic.”

For more, you can connect with Andy Rebhun through his LinkedIn profile.

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