Find out how to develop restaurant infrastructure with the CEO of Nextbite.

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Alex is a restaurant industry innovator, in-demand speaker, and passionate advocate for restaurant operators and workers. A fourth-generation restaurateur, the restaurant business has been in Alex’s blood for over 85 years. Alex currently leads Nextbite, a digital platform designed to develop restaurant delivery. Tune in for his expertise in restaurant tech!

Here’s one of our highlights from this episode and Alex’s answers to some of our questions:

Featured Takeaway: Voice ordering is the future

“There’s an incredible opportunity to think about the next generation of consumers: voice ordering, Metaverse, Web 3.0 applications. People still gotta eat, wherever they are. I think we’re gonna see some really crazy stuff flow into our old school industry. It’s exciting times ahead.”

What’s the most important aspect of the guest experience nowadays? (17:11)

“Hospitality is an important component of the guests experience and the feeling that you get when you go to a restaurant, you’re being served. You’re a guest, a true guest and someone’s hosting you and guiding you through through this experience. And it’s a lot easier when you’re going to a restaurant and you have a waiter and people who can recommend stuff for you. And you can send something back, if you’re not happy with the way that it is you can ask questions. I think that it’s hard for that to translate in the in the DoorDash experience and the delivery experience.

What’s something successful you’ve seen restaurants try lately? (19:23)

“Some sort of membership program where you you get these perks and get certain percentage off on every order, trying to create that repeatable business built into the business model, which I feel like is a completely underutilized opportunity in the restaurant environment today.”

Who is someone in the industry that deserves an Ovation? (20:34)

“If you’re listening to this and you haven’t gotten a copy of Carl [Orsbourn] and Meredith Sandland’s book, Delivering the Digital Restaurant], that’s a really, really great understanding of what’s going on in the restaurant environment today, especially in the digital world of restaurants. There’s just so many great interviews and great pieces of content and information coming out of that book.”

For more, check out the Nextbite website!

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