Find out how Spencer Saylor started a successful pizza joint in March 2020, all without any marketing.

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Spencer Saylor is the Founder of The Wizard of Za, a fabulously successful pizza joint in Columbus, Ohio, that has largely grown through word of mouth and exclusivity (customers are making reservations months in advance!). Perhaps more impressive, The Wizard of Za started during the onset of the COVID pandemic!

Here’s our featured takeaway and Spencer’s answers to some of Zack’s questions:

Featured Takeaway: Create A Novel Guest Experience

“It’s creating an experience that people haven’t had before. It could be something so small, it could be the entire experience itself…I think as long as you’re creating an experience that is just one of a kind, you’re gonna stand out from the next. So what’s important to us is making people feel appreciate, welcomed, and like this is somewhere that they’re meant to be.” –Spencer Saylor

What is something successful you have seen or tried lately?

“We started expanding our menu. Up until about a month and a half ago, we only offered four pizzas for the last year… I highly suggest you assess the area that you’re in, who’s doing what, what’s working, and you’ll find what’s missing. You’ll find those unique experiences and opportunities that you can give people.” –

Who is someone in the restaurant industry that deserves an Ovation?

Generally, all restaurants. Specifically, Fusion Restaurant Group. “It’s a fast casual sushi chain across Ohio. They took a chance on me, saw the opportunity with Wizard of Za, and saw it through… They really buckled down and got strategic and came up with new ways to generate income and continue engaging with their customers.”

For more, follow @WizardofZa and @spencersaylor on Instagram.

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