Find out why hiring right now is easier than you think from The Restaurant Boss, Ryan Gromfin.

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We all know there’s a labor shortage right now, but is finding employees really as hard as it seems?

Ryan Gromfin, Owner of The Restaurant Boss, breaks down hiring and other issues on this edition of Give an Ovation: A Podcast For Restaurants! With decades of experience as a chef, food and beverage director, and restaurant coach, Ryan now works with restaurants around the world.

Here’s one featured takeaway from this episode and Ryan’s answers to the questions Zack asks each guest:

Featured Takeaway: Hiring Is A Hard Thing Made Up Of 100 Easy Things

With the labor shortage, hiring can seem daunting and overwhelming. But Ryan pointed out that if we focus on small and easy steps every day, we will naturally attract employees. What are these smaller tasks?

“If our restaurant has:

  • A good reputation,
  • and we’re good to the community,
  • and we’re good to the team,
  • and if we’re good to our vendors,
  • and we pay fairly,
  • and we release the schedule on time,
  • and we give people the option to trade days easily,
  • and we train well,
  • and we coach well,
  • and we do all of these easy things well…

100 steps later, you won’t have any issues finding staff.” – Ryan Gromfin

1: What is the most important aspect of the guest experience today?

Consistency, but not the traditional idea of consistency that asks, “Does my burger taste the same every day?” Instead it’s asking yourself, “Are you delivering on your promise?”

2: What is something successful you have seen or tried lately?

Treat your employees and your vendors as well as you would your guests. “I don’t think there’s anything more important than that. You have to find a way to level up how you are taking care of your employees.”

3: Who is someone in the restaurant industry that deserves an Ovation?

Agave & Rye, an innovative restaurant that exceeds guest and employee expectations. “Agave & Rye is becoming what Google is in the tech industry, in that they put people first. They attract the best, they take care of the best. If you’re any sort of a high tech engineer, software engineer, salesperson, you want to go work at Google because it’s the coolest place in the world to. I think Agave & Rye is doing that.”

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