Patrick Ewers, CEO of MindMaven, shares strategies for investing in relationships and leveraging time efficiently to enhance guest experiences and build stronger connections in the hospitality industry.

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In this episode of Give an Ovation, we sit down with Patrick Ewers, CEO and founder of MindMaven, an executive coaching firm that has transformed leaders from top companies like Reddit, Roblox, and Sequoia Capital. Patrick shares his insights on the importance of investing in relationships, leveraging time efficiently, and the powerful role of engagement managers. Tune in to learn how to enhance your guest experience and build stronger connections with your team and customers.

Here are some highlights:

1:09 – The Importance of Relationships

Patrick emphasizes that no one reaches their full potential without the help of others. This is especially true in the hospitality industry, where creating a personalized experience for each guest is crucial.

2:57 – Scaling Hospitality

Patrick explains the challenge of making every guest feel valued in a high-traffic environment. He shares insights on how to scale hospitality authentically and meaningfully.

4:53 – Building Relationships with Employees

Patrick highlights the importance of building strong relationships with employees. He discusses the balance between being a boss and a friend and how investing in employee relationships translates to better guest experiences.

7:39 – Solving the Importance vs. Urgency Problem

Patrick addresses the common issue of prioritizing urgent tasks over important ones, like relationship building. He suggests being intentional with time and finding leverage through engagement managers.

12:12 – Practical Example: Follow-Up Emails

Patrick provides a practical example of using an engagement manager to send personalized follow-up emails to guests, enhancing their experience without taking up too much of the restaurateur’s time.

17:42 – Leveraging Technology and AI

Patrick discusses the role of technology and AI in improving efficiency. He advises using AI as a tool to assist rather than replace human touch in hospitality.

21:50 – Maintaining Human Touch

Patrick cautions against over-relying on AI, emphasizing the importance of the human element in creating valued experiences.

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