Senior Editor Joe Guskowski shares insights on the current state of the restaurant industry, the importance of staffing, and effective tactics for enhancing the guest experience.

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In this episode of Give an Ovation, we turn the mic around to interview Joe Guszkowski, a Senior Editor at Restaurant Business covering technology and casual-dining chains. He also hosts RB Daily, a restaurant news podcast.

Joe shares his unique insights on the current state of the restaurant industry, highlighting the challenges and opportunities faced by operators today. We dive into the importance of staffing, how efficiency can be a game-changer, and practical tactics for enhancing the guest experience. Tune in to hear from someone who not only reports on the industry but helps shape it with informed perspectives and actionable advice.

Here are some highlights:

What’s the most important aspect of the guest experience these days? (6:02)

“When I look at the brands that are doing well, I think the common denominator a lot of times is staffing and employees. I think that a well-staffed restaurant is going to operate better than one that is running short.”

What is a tactic you’ve used to improve the guest experience? (11:02)

“Like I said, I think that the best performing chains tend to be the ones that have this employee kind of focus first. The fastest growing chain was this coffee brand called Seven Brew. They have this loyalty program where they take your phone number and store it in their system. When you come back, they ask for your phone number and can pull up your last order.”

Who’s someone that deserves an Ovation? (13:54)

“I wanted to shout out First Watch. They are offering backup childcare to employees whose childcare has fallen through that day. If you work at First Watch and your babysitter cancels, you can send your kid to one of their approved daycare providers for $10 for the day.”

To stay updated with the latest in the restaurant industry, visit Restaurant Business Online. You can follow Joe Guskowski on Twitter at @JoeGuskowski and connect with him on LinkedIn.

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