Learn more about Ovation’s new Call-to-Text feature with Ovation Co-Founder and CXO.

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This weeks episode of Give An Ovation welcomes on our very own Chief Experience Officer (CXO) and Co-Founder, Derek Morgan. Derek’s expertise in product engineering and customer success enables him to speak as to why Call-to-Text is the most requested feature addition and how it helps our customers continue to win in the restaurant tech space.

Here are a few highlights from this episode:

What are the pillars that guided the Call-to-Text product vision?

“First off, it’s about providing value to our customers. We feel like the greatest value that we can provide is helping customers create excellent experiences with their customers all the time. When there hasn’t been an excellent experience created, our customers have tools that allow them to be notified and take action so they can resolve the issue and create a better experience . . .

. . . It’s all about creating connection between customer and business. Making sure that there is a consistent connection between those two and that it’s positive all the time.

What obstacle does Call-to-Text tackle for restaurant owners?

“The phones. Phones have traditionally been the thorn in the side of a restaurant business because it’s something that hasn’t been providing a lot of revenue opportunities and is taking a lot of time away from restaurant employees. This results in poor experiences for guests that are dining in. I can think of so many time where I’ve called before closing, during lunch, when placing a reservation, and they don’t answer their phone. It’s been such a frustrating experience for me as a guest and as I’ve been talking to a lot of our customers and speaking at trade shows, so many people are sharing the same sentiment . . .

. . .there’s this, there’s this real issue here and why we’re introducing call-to text where guest and restaurant communicate over text

How does Call-to-Text work?

“When a guest calls a restaurant powered by Ovation’s phone number, they are presented with a menu of options to select from where we can take that phone call and convert it into an asynchronous text conversation saving the business time. For instance, your restaurant phone line might say, ‘Thanks for calling Zack Shack. To place an order press #1′. Then we text them with an order link. Then it might say ‘To leave feedback, press #2′, and we text them an ovation survey link. We’re helping our restaurant customers get more surveys and feedback through this channel in a way that’s tracked and actionable . . .

. . .By using these templates to respond quickly, we get the customer what they need quickly without taking up employee time.

For more, check out our Call-to-Text press release!

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