Learn how to establish trust and loyalty with the Director of Marketing at Snow and Associates.

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Danny Snow is part of a Disney-centric family with extensive experience at Walt Disney World perfecting his customer loyalty expertise. After earning an MBA in Business, he became the Director of Marketing at Snow & Associates, Inc., contributing to its growth as a leading customer service speaking/training company globally. He’s known as a “customer service champ” and advises leaders on decisions affecting their organizations.

What is the most important aspect of guest experience nowadays?

“When bringing the experience from the time somebody enters into your store, your restaurant, the little moments that go into delivering that experience that oftentimes don’t have anything really to do with the product itself, but just makes you feel warm and welcoming and want to look for ways to go back and do business with them again . . .

. . . in the restaurant world, you’re driving into the parking lot, you’re walking up to it, the cleanliness of the surroundings, making sure there’s no light bulbs that are burned out on any of the signs, that there’s good signage that is around the restaurant, no handwritten notes that have been up, probably a response to something that happened there. Walking inside, being greeted, a friendly smile. There’s just so many little details that go into it and all those little extras convey clues as to what the experience is going to be like.”

What are some successful tactics to improve the guest experience?

“Finding ways to remember people. You know when you can remember somebody, especially when it’s coming into the restaurant, remembering their order . . .

. . . We’re moving from the task mentality to it being about an experience with every single interaction we have, whether it’s internal or externally.”

Who deserves an Ovation in the restaurant industry?

Bonsai Sushi, Orlando FL.

“The thing that we fell in love with is the server, Michelle. She was there the very first time we went in and then, like a month and a half later, we went back to that same restaurant and I could not remember what I had. I’m just kind of wondering out loud and she was oh, last time you had whatever the roll it was exactly how I ordered it. It was an incredible guest experience.”

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