Sticky’s Finger Joint

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The problem…

Sticky’s Finger Joint is a multi-unit fast casual brand based in New York city specializing in chicken fingers and French fries with unique toppings and a fun, comfortable atmosphere (one of their slogans being “The Best Damn Chicken Finger”). Sticky’s was looking for a replacement for their secret shopper service but still wanted feedback from their guests in order to build guests relationships and provide the best customer experience possible.

The first solution they chose was a long-form survey platform that sent surveys over email. They liked the idea of email because it wasn’t too invasive, and opted for long-form surveys because it was the industry standard.

After a few years, two problems arose. First, it became clear that email’s reign was over and that text messaging was king among consumers. It received higher open and engagement rates and people had become comfortable with businesses texting them. Second, Sticky’s found themselves overwhelmed with the amount of info they had to sift through. Jamie Greer, Vice President of Operations, didn’t know what to do with the feedback she was getting. It wasn’t straightforward or actionable. Eventually, she stopped looking at the long-form survey data all together.

These issues meant that Jamie couldn’t keep the pulse of her guests and drive revenue through resolving concerns and creating repeat customers. So Jamie started looking for a way to get more feedback from guests in a way that fit the casual, non-invasive nature of the Sticky’s brand.

“With Ovation, you can get so many different types of feedback. You get to hear how the customer feels more naturally. Our managers love it.”

Jamie Greer, Vice President of Operations, Sticky's Finger Joint

The solution…

What Jamie realized she needed was a simple way to ask each guest, on or off premise, how the experience was and be able to resolve it, similar to a table touch. But a digital table touch so that she could aggregate the data to make operational improvements, and gather customer info to build relationships and loyalty. This vision led Jamie to try Ovation.

The Results: Customers started to Stick…

Once Sticky’s switched to Ovation, they were able to cut the fat from their feedback loop and streamline. Jamie noticed that customers were more comfortable using text messages and managers preferred using Ovation’s app over the clunky email system they were using before. Guests loved the direct line of communication with managers, and mangers loved being able to immediately solve concerns. “People are shocked that they’re actually speaking to a person 30 minutes after getting their food.”

Jamie was surprised at how comfortably managers were able to ask happy guests to leave reviews, leading to far more reviews than Jamie was expecting from Ovation. Sticky’s Google star-rating shot up as negative feedback was kept internal and positive feedback was happily posted online by guests.

Further more, Jamie has seen that Sticky’s has been able to provide hospitality and ensure a great guest experience through Ovation, whether on or off-premise. “We’re able to build a connection, a relationship, brand loyalty, make things right, and go the extra mile, which is invaluable.”

“Try it!” Jamie Greer

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