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The problem

Abe Ruiz, Concept Curator of Madrid Spanish Taverna, was struggling to get feedback from all his guests. He knew the importance of listening to them – he would never start or a run a restaurant without their input, so he instituted table touching at the Madrid Spanish Taverna.

While this yielded some info, he found it hard to scale table touches as his restaurant grew (let alone multiple locations). Even those guests he did talk to weren’t a sure bet – he could tell that many people weren’t being honest about their experience in person.

Then there were his off-premises customers, a group who had only grown in recent years, who he wasn’t able to talk to at all.

Picture of Abe Ruiz of Spanish Madrid Taverna

“Through Ovation, we provided guests a platform to vent…to connect, and to give feedback. That’s been very valuable to us.”

Abe Ruiz, Owner, Madrid Spanish Taverna

The solution

Abe implemented digital tools to allow his customers to easily give feedback, no matter where they ordered. He used QR codes on receipts for dine-in guests and added cards with QR codes to his to-go bags that would send guests to a quick, 2-question Ovation survey.

After taking the survey, happy guests were encouraged to leave a 5-star public review, and unhappy guests’ concerns could be resolved privately.

The results

Suddenly, Abe was getting feedback from everywhere – off premise, on premise, anywhere his guests were ordering. Even better, for the first time his feedback was being tracked, stored, and analyzed in one spot. It was scaleable!

Abe also started to see increased foot traffic because of his increasing online presence, thanks to a 47% increase in the amount of reviews he was getting, and his improved overall rating.

Most importantly, Abe’s guests were happier because they felt heard thanks to having a way to connect with the restaurant.

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