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Join us as we chat with Brian Loescher, President of Golden Chick Franchising, about the secrets behind a stellar restaurant experience. Drawing from his background at Rally’s Hamburgers and Arby’s, Brian shares practical insights for standing out in customer service and technology.

Learn about the importance of order accuracy, responsive service, and affordable tech solutions.

Here are some highlights:

What’s the most important aspect of guest experience nowadays? (6:27)

“Well, I think, order accuracy. At the end of the day, a guest came to you hungry. You’ve got to leave them at the very least, satisfied. You know, preferably highly satisfied through an awesome meal, through awesome over the top experience, through a great quick drive through, but at the very least, if you don’t leave them accomplishing the goal that came to your restaurant for, they’re not going to be happy and there’s no way around that.

What’s a tactic you’ve used to improve the guest experience? (12:32)

Well, so in 2023, we installed drive-through speed of service timers in every restaurant. And now we’re in the kind of a phase of analyzing that data and what we learned from that.”

Who’s someone who deserves an Ovation in the restaurant industry? (16:16)

1) “One is our support center here at Golden Chick”

2) Loomis agency is our ad agency and they really helped us. This last year hosted some executive summits where we really honed our mission, vision and values and where we kind of came up with this every guest, every time mantra which is shaping how we’re approaching our 2024.”

3) “QuPOS. It’s been a joy to work with and we’ve launched our first one a couple of weeks ago, we launched our second one this Sunday and then the installs will start ramping up and we’re very excited about it this Sunday and then the installs will start ramping up and we’re very excited about it.”

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