Learn how to leverage your tech to better market within the restaurant industry with the CEO and Co-Founder of Evocalize.

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Matthew Marx is an expert in technology leadership and he uses this knowledge to build and operate high growth products and businesses. In the restaurant industry, Matthew applies his expertise on the benefits of tech to improve operations and elevate your brand.

Here are a few highlights from this episode:

What is the most important aspect of the guest experience?

Being personable.

“Strive for personalization and the ability to really make that customer feel like your restaurant is a second home. That starts well before the door. You continue that all the way through the experience, the survey process , the follow up, and then the marketing on the on the back side. It becomes a cycle that keeps you front of mind and personalized with the guests.

What are some successful tactics you’ve seen or tried lately?

“Digital marketing that’s based on not only with local thumbprint, but also based on local conditions. Operators can now ask how can we connect inventory systems into your marketing engine. The tactic is bringing folks in automatically based on triggered promotional messages that go out across all channels and bring people in for a burger or a kale smoothie when we have excess scale in that particular location. That is a really cool thing that our partners are starting to do with dynamic data and linking it into inventory systems and existing tech.

Who deserves an ovation in the industry?

Shannon Gewinner, Smoothie King

“Shannon is an amazing thought leader in the restaurant industry. She was at the an executive at TGIFridays for many years, and launched some really revolutionary experience and loyalty programs. We follow what she’s doing because usually it’s an upcoming trend

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