Frequently Asked Questions

While we’re known for asking questions, we love answering them too.

Frequently Asked Questions

While we’re known for asking questions, we love answering them too.

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Do you like taking long surveys? Of course not…no one does–including your guests. Ovation only asks the most important questions, instead of forcing guests to sift through long surveys full of topics the guest doesn’t care about.

By simply asking, How was your experience?, the guest can give detailed answers on what impacted them most. From there, powerful AI tools analyze the open text feedback and are able to present granular data on all aspects of your restaurant.

Because Ovation surveys are so easy to take, restaurants who start using them typically see a major spike (average of 18x) in the amount of feedback they receive compared to long-form surveys. For example, about .1% of guests take traditional long-form surveys, but Ovation surveys see up to a 20% take rate – that means hearing from 1 in every 5 guests!

With Ovation, you hear from a wider sample of your guests and your guests are given the space to leave more thoughtful feedback, giving you higher quality data that’s more representative of what’s really going on.

Yes, absolutely! While the initial Ovation survey consists of two questions, our Next-Day Questions feature allows for customized follow-up surveys, enabling you to ask additional questions about whatever you’d like.

This is especially helpful for evaluating limited-time offers (LTOs) or specific menu items.

Texting is a convenient and widely accepted method for gathering feedback. It is accessible to guests whether they dine in-house, order takeout, or use other methods. Text-based surveys have a high response rate and align with consumers’ communication preferences. Your customers are on their phones, so that’s where we meet them.

According to data from Adobe, email open rates average between 20-30% and are usually read two days later. On the other hand, 98% of texts are opened within the first 2 minutes. That’s an easy thumbs-up emoji. 👍

When guests leave feedback through the platform, your team can instantly access and respond in just two clicks with either an original message, an on-brand templated response, or using our AI-generated custom response.

Your team can also attach offers to these responses, incentivizing unhappy guests to return, and giving your restaurant a second shot. This swift and attentive response to concerns fosters positive guest experiences, loyalty, and retention unlike any other guest feedback platform.

On average, the Ovation onboarding is completed within two weeks.

Ovation analyzes all of your private feedback and public online reviews to provide data on 35+ restaurant-specific categories, such as food freshness and speed of service.

We then synthesize this data and clearly present specific strengths and weaknesses at a quick glance, with our detailed reports letting you get granular. These operational insights enable you to make informed decisions and take steps to address underlying problems. With Ovation, you don’t need a long survey to know exactly what to fix and where to fix it.

When you become an Ovation customer, you’re assigned a dedicated Customer Success Manager, who will hold regular strategy meetings with you to help you get the most out of Ovation. Our CSM’s are experts in the guest experience and are an invaluable resource for our customers.

Every restaurant, regardless of size, wishes they could get feedback from every guest, every time. We’ve kept this in mind while building out our product suite, ensuring that it works for independent restaurants, growing multi-unit brands, and legacy enterprise brands with thousands of locations.

Ovation is different from other feedback platforms in several ways, including:

  • 2-question surveys 
  • An SMS-based approach
  • Real-time communication between guests and your staff (either a manager, centralized staff, or outsourcing that to us)
  • A focus on improving online ratings (226% more 5-star reviews on average)
  • Over 50 integrations with other restaurant technologies
  • Increased revenue by enhancing guest experiences and retention (doing a 4-month study where Ovation was put in ½ of a brand’s locations and not in the other half, the Ovation locations had 9% increased revenue over the control group!)

We also boast a higher-than-average amount of pizza shirts worn by our CEO. 🍕

Ovation makes you money by doing a few things:

  • Improving your online ratings, which can attract more foot traffic and customers
  • Boosting customer retention through addressing guest concerns in real time and a text marketing solution for enticing guests with special offers
  • Providing operational insights that enable data-driven decisions and optimizations
  • Growing your CRM database by collecting guest contact info

Any other questions? Let’s talk!

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