Learn how to become a social media success with the Owner of Cereal Killerz Kitchen.

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Unlock the secrets of social media stardom with Cereal Killerz Kitchen Owner, Chris Burns. Chris dishes out the recipe for creating content that not only tickles the taste buds but also captures the hearts of over a million followers. Step into the vibrant hustle of Las Vegas Strip marketing, where Chris Burns navigates the transient tides of customers with a shrewd social media strategy.

You have 1 million followers on TikTok, what is the secret?

“I can say that I’m one of the only restaurants that has a million followers, so that was definitely the coolness of it and just to be able to do something that no one else has done for the most part . . .

. . . we kept working towards it and stay consistent, stay consistent, post it two to three times a day until we were able to hit that. I tell people a lot, after you’re consistently making content for months and months, you have so much content to repurpose. So don’t be afraid to repurpose your content.

What strategy is involved in good content?

“I like to challenge viewers to get them engaged. You need to get them to stop scrolling. That’s the most important thing in any video, because I think subconsciously, we’re just sitting there scrolling up and down, up and down. Something has to stop you. You’re not watching every single video, so that’s the first thing. You definitely you need your hook what’s going to gather everybody’s attention.

Who in the restaurant industry deserves an ovation?

Restaurant industry:

Swig, soda franchise

“I wanted to do a drive-through for our concept and then I started doing research and I came across Swig and I though, wow, they’re really selling sodas at an alarming rate. We can just be that for the ice cream and dessert industry. They’re just amazing people so Andrew and Alfonso and Taylor, that whole group, like they’ve all just been great.”

Social Media:

Keith Lee, TikTok sensation who reviewed restaurant food

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