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Find out how they used Ovation to deliver a great guest experience topped with every pizza.

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The problem…

Rocquisha felt disconnected from her customers. The only way for them to give feedback to her Domino’s locations was to find a link on the bottom of the receipt, type it in, and give a general satisfaction score, never knowing if it would make a difference or even be read.

Once Rocquisha started using Ovation, the direct line of communication with guests made it possible for her to block negative reviews, improve the guest experience, and keep tabs on operations in all of her locations.

“With Ovation, we get direct contact with that customer and I love it! I love it. And I think the customers are actually happier knowing that there’s somebody that can respond right away.”

Rocquisha Whyte, Director of Corporate Affairs, Domino's Pizza

In the beginning…

By the time customer feedback made its way back to Rocquisha from corporate, there was no customer info included, making guest recovery impossible. Even if she did know who these customers were, enough time had passed that any damage had been done for unhappy guests.

The domino effect…

Roquisha began pushing Ovation with every order and the feedback started flooding in. What’s more, Domino’s could finally act on that feedback. One location started receiving several comments that the pizza was looking burned, and “right away” the manager was able to see if the ovens needed readjusting and resolve the issue directly with the individual guests.

Domino’s also saw immediate marketing benefits from Ovation, using text blasts and tracking customer habits to deliver the best guest experience possible. Between the direct contact with guests, marketing capabilities, and operational improvements, Rocquisha was simply left saying, “I am so happy! I love Ovation.”

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