Learn how to optimize internal and external communication with the Founder of T/M Communications and former EVO Dominos.

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Tim McIntyre is the former EVP of Domino’s and current Founder of T/M Communications LLC. McIntyre has 35 years of experience under his belt in communications and public relations. His expertise in communications enables him to advise on optimizing internal and strengthen external communications.

Here are a few highlights from this episode:

What is the most important aspect of the guest experience nowadays?

Personal connection.

There’s a small private supermarket chain based in Michigan called Plum Market. They’ve got about a dozen stores and are expanding a little bit. They have brilliantly clean stores, their design is great, their people are friendly, they’re helpful . . .

. . . They’re prices aren’t as cheap as Kroger but they are worth it because I feel like I’m welcome every time I go in and I’m not just one of 100,000 people who come in that month.

How do you humanize your brand?

“The marketing and the product get people to order. The phone allows them to make the first online order but the rest of it is all at the local level. Even with franchises, these are restaurants owned by individual families. They live in their communities, they provide jobs in their communities. They make that local connection . . .

. . . It’s about humanizing and interaction that are natural, organic and not staged at the store.

Who deserves an Ovation?

Zingerman’s Deli

Dominos Pizza

The franchise system at dominoes is one of the most energetic and caring that I’ve ever seen. You’ve got exposure to some of them. While I don’t work there anymore, I am for Dominos for life, and I think they’re all they’re trying their best to make the franchise system what it is

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