Table for 10 Video Content


Kelly gives her take on the 4 key principles driving choosing the right technology

CHAPTER 1: Recruiting and Hiring

Kelly interviews Derek Williamson of HigherMe for a more in-depth conversation on interviewing and best practices with employees.

CHAPTER 2: Shift and Labor Management

Kelly interviews Jordan Boesch of 7Shifts to lean how to ensure the best guest and staff experience.

CHAPTER 3: Routine Management

Kelly interviews Bob Gibson and Jeff Pinc of Jolt to understand the benefits of automation.

CHAPTER 4: Security and Loss Prevention

Kelly interviews Brock Weeks of Savi about leveraging camera technology to drive real impacts to the bottom line.

CHAPTER 5: Inventory & Order Management

Kelly interviews Andy Schwartz of xtraCHEF discussing how data and optimize inventory and control food costs.

CHAPTER 6: 3rd-Party Consolidation

Kelly interviews Chris Monk of YourFare about managing the complexities of 3rd-party delivery.

CHAPTER 7: Online Ordering

Kelly interviews Sarah Kavakoff of Lunchbox discussing the critical nature of owning your customers and ordering process.


Kelly interviews David “Rev” Ciancio of Branded Strategic to share insights on the future of “digital hospitality.”

CHAPTER 9: Guest Feedback

Kelly interviews Zack Oates of Ovation about how to leverage guest feedback to revolutionize your restaurant and increase revenue.

CHAPTER 10: Data Aggregation and Analytics

Kelly interviews Kenneth Kuo of Ingest to discuss how data integration and business intelligence can level up your restaurant.