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Chapter 1 - Recruiting & Hiring

HigherMe, leading expert in recruiting and hiring, Derek Williamson gives pointers on how to leverage technology to better attract and retain talent. He also discusses interviewing best practices and gaps in the current processes of today.

Chapter 2 - Shift & Labor Management

7Shifts, leading expert in shift & labor management, Jordan Boesch focuses this chapter on covering the challenge with “scheduling based on gut and excel” and how the right labor management and analytics can drive real business outcomes and improve staff engagement.

Chapter 3 - Routine Management

JOLT, leading experts in routine management, Bob Gibson and Jeff Pinc, will talk about the benefits of automation and data to ensure accountability and best practices for “avoiding surprises.”

Chapter 4 - Security & Loss Prevention

Savi, leading expert in security and loss prevention, Brock Weeks, talks about leveraging surveillance camera technology and data to drive real impact to the bottom line. 

Chapter 5 - Inventory & Order Manangement

xtraCHEF, leading expert in inventory and order management, Andy Schwartz discusses how technology and data can optimize inventory and better control food cost.  

Chapter 6 - 3rd-Party Consolidation

YourFare. leading expert, Chris Monk, in 3rd-party consolidation here to discuss the importance of maintaining a presence in the 3rd-party marketplaces and how technology can improve operational efficiencies and execution. 

Chapter 7 - Online Ordering

Lunchbox, Sarah Kavakoff, focused on digital online ordering and its critical importance in these times. She will share her perspectives on technology, industry trends, and how to have a strong digital presence, as well.

Chapter 8 - Marketing

Branded Strategic, David “Rev” Ciancio, on digital “hospitality” to share best practices for developing a comprehensive digital marketing plan, industry trends and success criteria for selecting (and deselecting) technology.

Chapter 9 - Guest Feedback

Ovation, Zack Oates, emphasizes the importance of real-time guest feedback, both in restaurant and off-premise channels. Sharing his perspective on industry trends, best practices, and insights into how technology can enable a better guest experience that actually drives profits. 

Chapter 10 - Data Aggregation & Analytics

Ingest, Kenneth Kuo, explains how understanding technology can deliver operational insights to help your restaurant become more profitable. Further, he will share industry challenges, new trends, and how to avoid the pitfalls of traditional business intelligence (BI) strategies.

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