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Should I Open a Ghost Kitchen?

“Location, location, location”… unless you’re a ghost kitchen. Before we go further...let’s make sure we’re on the same page. Our ...

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Hospitality: Dead or Digital?

“Hospitality is a dialogue,” Danny Meyer, Setting the Table. The traditional hospitality exchange went a little something like this: Manager: ...

50th Podcast!!

Give an Ovation is celebrating the 50th podcast by compiling the knowledge bombs from the first 50 restaurant experts. Check it out!

Guest Recovery

Guest recovery should be one of a restaurant’s highest priorities right now. In fact, it has probably never been more important. We want to provide you with tools for consumers to provide feedback that is immediately actionable regardless of whether they are sitting inside your four walls or at their home.

How to Best Take Advantage of 3rd-Party Delivery

OREM, UT. (August 14, 2020) 3rd-party is a great way to ease customer experience, extend your brand outside the four walls of your restaurant, and attract new customers. However, occasionally 3rd-party delivery services can be a headache for restaurants. Here we will show you how to best navigate the waters of 3rd-party delivery and customer experience.

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