Learn how to anticipate customer demand with the CEO and Co-Founder of ClearCOGS.

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This week’s episode welcomes on Matt Wampler, CEO and Co-Founder of ClearCOGS, a company utilizing AI to automate demand planning. If you’ve ever wondered how to balance profitability and the guest experience, tune in to Matt’s expertise on predictive analytics.

Here are a few highlights from this episode:

What is the most important aspect of the guest experience nowadays?

“The experience that you deliver. At the end of the day, we’ve shifted society from that transactional $5 lunch to a higher priced meal where I’m expecting a feeling. Great food and other experience vary by brand so how do I deliver something memorable to each of my clients?

What successful strategies and tactics have you seen/tried?

I’ve seen a shift in the way restaurants approach the systems in the back of house. How do we produce our food in a more efficient manner? Not just menu engineering, but the kitchen setup. What items do we need to operationally get rid of. So we’re seeing the emergence of interesting concepts that were built around the idea of lower labor and lower food costs and just being more efficient. “

Who deserves an Ovation?

Troy Hooper

He was someone who early on when we didn’t have a product and we were figuring things out, was kind enough to get on the call with us to help foster solutions out of pure generosity. Troy wants to make the restaurant industry a better place. It’s unsung heroes like him that are out there doing those types of things behind the scenes that very rarely get the recognition they deserve.

For more, check out ClearCOGS website!

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